Pay it forward - Honor Your Pet's Memory

When you find yourself in the midst of grief during a pet loss, you can honor your pet by paying it forward. We would like to share this information from the Humane Society of Huron Valley.

'During this most difficult time, you might find comfort in honoring your pets memory by donating their remaining food to help feed other pets in the community. We hope that you find peace and closure knowing that your donations will go to families who are in need of pet food to better care for their pets.'

This is part of the Bountiful Bowls program. The Humane Society understands that financial difficulty often means making a list of priorities. Frequently, animals are forced to be low on that list. HSHV's Bountiful Bowls program assists Washtenaw County and Plymouth residents who are having difficulty meeting the nutritional needs of their dog or cat due to financial burden. Trying times can be temporary. With a little assistance, a pet owner can often find a way to keep their pet in their home.

This program also accepts open bags of food. You can honor your pet by helping another!

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