Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day!

Today is national bring your cat to the vet day! Did you know most cats do not get the proper veterinary care that they need? According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, 83% of cats are taken to the vet in the first year but only half of them return for their annual visits. That's not very many kitties! Cats are excellent at hiding disease such as kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes and even cancer. With bi-annual or even annual visits, we are able to catch these conditions earlier and start treatment sooner to prolong their lives. Westarbor recommends that we see your cat at least once a year to keep them healthy and happy!

Another part of keep your cats healthy are their vaccinations. The feline distemper vaccine covers 5 common upper airway diseases in cats that can lead to secondary infections such as pneumonia which can be a serious problem. Even our indoor only cats can be exposed to these diseases by us going out into the environment where they are. Rabies is also a very serious disease our cats can get. Bats are the main carrier of rabies and are very good at hiding in your home. Bat bites can look like mosquito bites and, hidden in the fur, can be difficult to tell whether or not a pet has been exposed. 1 bite from a rabies infected bat can cause a serious problem. Westarbor recommends vaccinating all cats, including indoor cats, for Rabies and with the feline distemper vaccine.
Fleas can also be a major problem even with indoor only cats. We can bring fleas inside on our clothing along with our dogs and indoor/outdoor cats. Once the fleas are inside, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Westarbor recommends flea preventative for all of your pets both indoor and outdoor. Call us today to find out what products we recommend.

Did you know Westarbor is a certified Feline Practitioners clinic? This means we have achieved the certification and proved that we know how to reduce stress at visits and provide your cat with the tender-loving care they deserve. Coming to the vet can be a very scary experience and here at Westarbor we strive to make every visit as comfortable as possible for you and your feline companions. Schedule your appointment to your cat up-to-date today!

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