Westarbor Introduces Fear-Free!


It's no secret, getting a pet to the vet and keeping them happy while they are there has always been a struggle. Cats that do not want to get into carriers, dogs that panic in the car, pets who are stressed in the exam rooms, all lead to stress for the pet as well as stress to the owner and even stress to the hospital staff! The goal of all veterinary practices is to keep animals healthy, but the veterinary world is now taking a step further and adding the goal of keeping animals happy as well! Westarbor Animal Hospital is proud to announce that we are now offering Fear-Free visits! While our mission has always been to provide the best care possible and keep animals happy, we are now able to say we are CERTIFIED to do it! Westarbor is proud to have staff members who want the very best for their patients in every way, and who look at their patients as if they were their own pets. Because of this dedication, they have made this commitment to making all visits Fear-Free. These visits include offering different types of treats, using pheromones to decrease anxiety and stress and, in some cases, adding medications to help at home before and during visits. All these approaches are done in an effort to make the pet's visit as happy, positive and stress free as possible. This allows the family of the pet to focus more on the content of the visit and less on the anxiety of their pet. Log onto https://fearfreepets.com/ to learn more or call Westarbor Animal Hospital to schedule your fear-free visit today!

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