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The past fifteen months of the COVID 19 pandemic have been challenging for everyone including our clients and staff. Please be assured that during this period of unprecedented fear and ongoing change, our amazing group of compassionate and hardworking individuals has been dedicated to making sure your pets were as comfortable and stress free as possible while they were in the hospital without you. The patient has been and will continue to be our top priority. Taking the absolute best care of pets is our passion and why we have dedicated ourselves to this rewarding, yet very challenging field. That being said, we are so excited to move forward safely. We miss seeing our wonderful clients.

We plan to re-open to our clients in a hybrid fashion starting on Monday June 28th. Initially, there are some types of appointments that will remain curbside. Please see logistical information below regarding updated expectations and appointment flow.

Appointment Guidelines and Logistics:

Client allowed in the building with pet:

  • Wellness examinations
  • Illness examinations
  • Admittance/Drop off for anesthetic procedures
  • End of life appointments

Remaining curbside:

  • Medical rechecks
  • Post-op rechecks
  • Technician appointments
  • Food and medication pick-ups
  • Lab sample drop offs

If a client would prefer their pet’s appointment remain curbside regardless of reason, we will accommodate. When you make your appointment, just let the staff member know that you prefer to remain curbside.

Urgent Appointments:

Any urgent, same day appointments that need to be seen and that we are able to accommodate will be a drop off appointment. Please allow a few hours for examination, communication, diagnostics and treatment. Keep in mind that there will be a point when we can no longer add additional urgent appointments to our schedule. Thankfully, we have multiple emergency facilities in our area. Please understand that if we refer you to one of the local emergency clinics, it is not because we do not want to see your pet, it is because we can not or because we know your pet will be better cared for there based on the nature of the illness. We appreciate your understanding and trust in our recommendations. As always, we will do our best to take care of you and your pet in your times of need.


We will be requiring clients that enter the building wear a mask. Our staff will also be wearing masks. As a privately owned business where physical space is a challenge, we are electing to continue to require masks. We ask our clients to be kind and respectful of this choice. Our priority needs to be keeping our staff safe as even one sick employee threatens our ability to provide care to all the pets that need us.

Number of clients per appointment:

There will be a one client per appointment limit with the exception of end of life appointments when two clients will be permitted with the pet.

Appointment Arrival:

When you arrive with your pet, please remain in your car and call or text us to let us know you have arrived. The receptionists will go through a series of check in questions with you over the phone. Once an exam room is available, they will call you and ask you to meet them at the door and will escort you to the room. If an exam room is not immediately available, a member of our technical staff will call and take your pet’s history over the phone. Once a room is available, they will meet you at the door and escort you to the room.

Appointment Duration:

Opening up the building, even partially, creates its own challenges. Our appointments will initially not speed up a whole lot while we are all adapting to new protocols. Thank you for your patience as we adjust and transition.

Most of our clients have been supportive and compassionate of our team during this time of extreme stress and exhaustion and we are so grateful for this. There have also unfortunately been many clients who have taken their own stress out on our staff in very unacceptable, rude ways. This behavior will not be tolerated. Please remember to be kind and respectful of our staff.

We are constantly reevaluating this situation, so as we receive more information in the upcoming weeks, we anticipate opening up further. We will keep everyone updated as changes are made. We look forward to these changes and seeing our wonderful clients! See you soon!

Thank you,
Westarbor Animal Hospital