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If you are lucky enough to be loved by a cat, you are doing something right in life. But becoming a cat’s favorite human is an honor that is only bestowed upon a few. How does a cat choose their favorite human and is there anything you can do to sway their opinion in your favor? Keep reading to find out!

Early Bonding for Cats to Choose their Favorite Human

Although not a guarantee, bonding early with a kitten is a good way to cement your status as their favorite human. When kittens reach between 4 and 9 weeks of age, they are old enough to be separated from their mothers, but have not quite developed the fear that leads to distrust of new humans. This is the perfect time to start bonding with a new kitten. They will often look to you as their caregiver if you are the one providing food, water, and a safe (and cozy) place to sleep. A kitten’s personality and your environment can come into play here, though, so don’t be offended if they do not develop an immediate bond with you. Sometimes it takes a while to earn their respect!

Communication is Important

The way you and your cat interact can also affect their feelings toward you. Each cat has a unique method of communicating, so it is important to learn this communication style to help your cat feel comfortable with you. Some cats might head butt you to show affection but don’t necessarily want you to pet them, for example. Other cats need you to touch them all hours of the day. The more you get to know your cat, the more you can learn their communication style and make her feel completely comfortable (and loved) in your presence. After a while, you will develop your own way of communicating with each other.

Meet their Needs

If you want to earn points with your cat, you have to give them reasons to give you their affection. Unlike dogs, cats can sometimes be temperamental about who they share affection with. Sometimes all it takes is something as simple as being the one to feed them. With other cats that need more attention, this might include regularly scheduled playtime together. Although cats are very independent animals, they do need a little help to live their best lives. The easier you can make life for them, the more likely it will be that they truly love you.

Who Knows

Cats are such unique creatures that sometimes it is difficult to say why they decide one human will be their favorite. Cats choose their favorite human inexplicably sometimes. You may provide all of your cat’s care but your partner or child inexplicably becomes your cat’s favorite. All we can say is that we have never known anyone to regret welcoming a cat into their home, even if they don’t end up being their cat’s all-time favorite human.

At Westarbor Animal Hospital, we love seeing bonds between our clients and their favorite feline friends. Whether you have just adopted a kitten or need to schedule a wellness visit for your cat, call us at  (734) 769-5391. We are here to meet all your veterinary needs!

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