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Cats are independent and fairly easy to care for, but cat owners do have certain responsibilities that ensure our felines are living their best lives. From serving as their personal waitstaff to making sure they get regular veterinary checkups, we do what we can for them. It never hurts to get a little extra help, though, and technology for cats can offer that. Here are a few pieces of tech that can make it even easier to give your cat the life he or she deserves: 

Robot Litter Boxes

Cleaning out the litter box is probably one of the least glamorous aspects of owning a cat. Luckily, technology for cats is removing of the ick factor of having to a clean litter box. These impressive litter boxes are self cleaning. They also come with special filters that help with odor control. They’re perfectly equipped for houses with multiple cats, and even give you activity updates via an app. If you are tired of scooping poop, technology like this can instantly make your life easier.

Automatic Cat Feeders

If you spend long hours outside the house or are just tired of sticking your hand in the cat food bag each day, an automatic cat feeder is a great tool for you. Automatic cat feeders are also great options for cats on a diet, because they only dispense the exact amount of food that you require. Whether your work days are long or you’re planning a short trip away, these feeders can help you keep your cat well fed. 

Cat Water Fountains

These water fountains provide your cat with clean, filtered water. They are particularly helpful for cats that might not drink enough water from a bowl. The consensus in the cat world is that felines prefer to drink running water. These helpful tech accessories make it easy to ensure your cat is staying hydrated. 

Interactive Toys

Make sure your cat is getting plenty of stimulation with interactive toys. Automatic laser pointers can provide hours of entertainment even when you’re not home. Automated cat toys are also great accessories for any house that has at least one feline inhabitant. Interactive cat toys can help cats act on their natural hunter instincts, which keeps them stimulated and fuliflled even when they live in the safety of your home. 

Cat Tracker

Whether you have an indoor cat that could slip out and get lost outdoors, or an indoor/outdoor cat that wanders, these tracking devices can give you peace of mind. This GPS cat tracker and app, along with microchips, give you the best chance of being reunited with a cat that is lost.

Pet Cameras

Keep an eye on your cat even when you are away from home with a high-tech camera. Many options let you speak to your kitty through the device, so you can remind your cat that you love them when you’re away. Pet cameras give you peace of mind that your cat is safe during the day, and some insight into how they behave when you aren’t around. 

While technology for cats can help you care for your cat at home, the team at Westarbor Animal Hospital is here to ensure they are as healthy as possible. Our full list of veterinary services keeps your cats healthy throughout every stage of life. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call (734) 769-5391.

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