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Halloween is one of the most popular holidays for children (of all ages) and fur kids, too. There’s nothing more fun than dressing up in adorable or spooky costumes and getting into the season with orange and black decor – the spookier the better!

But nothing will ruin it faster than a Halloween pet emergency. If you plan on including your pet in this year’s spooktacular festivities, there are a few things you need to know to keep them safe. Read on as Westarbor Animal Hospital tells you how to avoid a Halloween pet emergency.

Take Heed to Avoid a Halloween Pet Emergency

Halloween can be a scary time for pets. Strangers and their kids come to the door to trick-or-treat. Pet costumes can be uncomfortable for some and the sugary snacks are too tempting for curious pets. That’s why this holiday comes with hazards.

To make the night an enjoyable one for your four-legged friend, practice the following Halloween pet safety tips.

  1. Stash the treats — Treats can be tricky for your pet’s health and safety. This is because there are several potential toxins among the mix. Chocolate, Xylitol (a sugar substitute), raisins, and nuts all pose a pet poisoning risk if your pet has access to candy. Make sure to keep these items away from them and, if you have children, supervise them when eating and remove the treats when they finish. Stow candy and other snacks in a high cupboard when not in use.
  2. Watch the door — Many pets go missing during the holidays and Halloween is no exception. If you plan on having guests over or are expecting trick-or-treaters, make sure your pet is in a secure part of the home. Even if your pet is well behaved, supervise them while you hand out candy. Some pets are spooked by strangers, especially those wearing costumes, and could easily slip out the door or gate and become lost or injured, or hit by a car. If possible, bring in outside pets to keep them safe from Halloween pranksters.
  3. Have them microchipped — Along with supervising them during the events of the evening, make sure your cat or dog has a microchip, which includes your current address, email, and phone number. Microchips are the best way to get your pet safely returned to you should they ever escape.
  4. Use anxiety-relieving measures — Many pets have noise anxiety and become stressed by parties and other rowdy events. Discuss some options with us to relieve your pet’s anxiety. We recommend that you have a calm, secure room for your pet to stay while you are hosting the evening. Pheromone and aromatic blends like Feliway and Bach’s Rescue Remedy are good options for calming your furry one. Minimize outside noise by playing a radio or TV at a low volume or use a white noise machine.
  5. Beware of decor dangers — Halloween is also rife with holiday decor dangers to pets. If you burn candles, this is the perfect opportunity for singed whiskers and burnt tails if you aren’t paying attention. It can also be a fire danger if your pets knock over a candle. Instead, use battery-powered lights for your Jack-o-lantern and holiday glow. And speaking of glow, avoid glow sticks and necklaces since they contain a toxic chemical that a pet may ingest.
  6. Choose costumes carefully — While adorable, not all pet costumes are good for your particular pet. When choosing a costume, make sure that it fits well and doesn’t restrict in uncomfortable ways. Costumes should not cover the face, so that your pet still has full vision. Remove any small buttons, bells, and string that could become a choking hazard or GI obstruction if swallowed. If you are going to adorn your pet with a cute outfit, make sure they are okay with it, too. Halloween costumes should be a fun addition rather than a discomfort.

We hope these Halloween pet safety tips have you well prepared for an awesome holiday. Just make sure the eerie, spooky, and frightening aspects of Halloween are all in good fun and don’t result in a pet emergency.

For more suggestions on how to avoid a Halloween pet emergency, please call us. Have a howlingly great Halloween!

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