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There is nothing in the world that is as rewarding (and sometimes challenging) as adopting a pet. If you are starting to think about welcoming a dog into your home, Westarbor Animal Hospital is here to help you with the decision. Keep reading for some pet adoption tips and success stories that might just give you the insight you need:

Pet Adoption Tip #1: Patience 

When it comes to welcoming a new pet into your home, there is nothing more valuable than patience. Take your time researching the right kind of animal for your lifestyle. Make sure you prepare your house for your new family member before bringing them home. If you go slowly throughout the adoption process, you are more likely to have a successful outcome. You might even want to look into fostering before you fully commit to adoption to ensure you know what to expect from having an animal, and a particular animal, in the house. And you may need patience for the adoption paperwork and process, especially if it is your first adoption. 

Pet Adoption Tip #2: Create a Routine

Dogs love consistency in their schedule. Building a routine can be good for both you and your new pup. When the dog knows what to expect being in your house, it lets him relax and feel more comfortable in the space. This can minimize some fear-based behaviors that might make it hard to transition into a life together. If possible, schedule walks, feed your dog, and wind down for the night at specific times. A strict schedule teaches your dog what to expect, so he has a better idea of how he should behave in his new home. 

Pet Adoption Tip #3: Schedule a Veterinary Visit

It’s important to take your new dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Not only does this give the vet the opportunity to see if the pup is healthy, but it starts off a lifetime of good health. Regular wellness visits cover important health milestones like vaccines, and they help the doctor create a baseline, which he or she can use as a comparison in future visits. 

Pet Adoption Success Stories

We understand that seeing specific examples of successful cases is one of the best ways to show prospective pet owners what owning a pet is truly like. So, without further adieu, here are some heartwarming adoption success stories:


Scooby was an energetic dog who channeled that energy into destructive behavior before finding her forever home. She was adopted and returned a few times until she found her way to her human, Mackenzie. While Mackenzie had to have patience and work closely with Scooby, she helped her transition into a happy and well-behaved dog who enriches her owner’s life as much as her owner does hers. Read more about Scooby.


Callie was just a puppy when she was returned to the shelter after a busy college student realized she couldn’t care for her. While living with a foster family, the news ran a story on Callie. An older couple named John and Patricia saw her and knew she was the perfect addition to their family (and the cure for the broken hearts they experienced after losing their older dog). After a thorough application process, Callie (now Daisy) went home with her new parents, and they are all currently living happily ever after together.


When Bernadette (formerly Samantha) arrived at the shelter, she was severely underweight and covered in fleas. After months of healing, living in the shelter, and charming all the workers with her amazing personality, she finally found her forever home. She now lives with her human parents and spreads joy and love to everyone she meets.


We want you and your new pet to love each other and start your own heartwarming story. By using our pet adoption tips, you’ll start off on the right paw.

Westarbor Animal Hospital is here to partner with you to ensure your new pets start off on the right paw when it comes to a healthy life. Our selection of veterinary services can help you with all aspects of your life together. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call (734) 769-5391.

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